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I’m so glad this man is guarding our galaxy

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Adam WarRock
"Dust" b/w "Haters Gonna Hate" (Download)

I recently moved from Memphis, TN to the Philadelphia, PA area. After months of packing, dealing with movers, and getting my stuff to and from a total of 1,000 miles away was quite an ordeal, but I’m happy to be in my new place, all my stuff set up, and realizing that me and my gf have wayyyy too many books (we are literally going to Ikea tonight to buy bookshelves, so many bookshelves).

I don’t think I had ample time to fully process the move. I moved back to Memphis when I originally quit my full-time job to pursue music as a career. I chose Memphis because it was cheaper to live there than DC (obviously), but also because my family and my friends were there. I found a group of people, a support network, in Memphis that kept me afloat during the first two years where all I saw was money leave my bank account and little to no traction happening on my music career. I was there, celebrating when I saw every landmark and moment of success with music. And in the span of a few months, I had some opportunities, I had a good group of friends and I had a wonderful girlfriend in the Philly area, and it only made sense to take the leap. And now I’m here. Life’s kinda weird, isn’t it?

It’s a little disarming to go through your things, to see what you’ve let get dusty. You throw some stuff out, you box up some embarrassing books and albums, knowing full well they aren’t “you” anymore, but they are a part of you. They always will be. You throw hundreds of comics in a box, and then in a flash, you’re in a new apartment sitting next to a dog and trying decide if Uncanny X-Men should go before X-Men in your longboxes. I wrote this song somewhere in the middle of all of that. And then I wrote a little song for the haters for fun. You get a two-for-one today. That’s how nice a guy I am.

I’m excited for this new phase in my life. I’m excited to build a home here in Philly. And I’m sad to leave behind the dusty things that used to define me. I’ve moved a lot in the past decade, and I’m hoping this can be my home for a long time. This song’s about that, I guess.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t say that I bit the title of this song from my friend Mikal kHill’s superb (and bleak) album, Dust, which I’m a guest on and you should check it out. 


I posted a Star-Lord song last week, to celebrate the release of The Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanks to the thousands of people who checked it out. Go peep it if you haven’t yet! And go see the movie! Bautista!!!

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I’ll be at Otakon in Baltimore this week doing multiple shows! You should come see me perform! I’ll also be tabling in the Dealer’s Room, so just come by and say hi and grab a free sticker. Here’s my schedule.

Thursday - 8/7 - 1:00PM
Outdoor Matsuri - Free to the public!

Friday - 8/8 - 5:00PM
Concert in Live Programming Room - badges needed

Friday thru Sunday
Tabling in the Dealer’s room


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Female Fantasy III



May they be forever alone for their elitist douche-baggery.

I was recently interviewing the woman who founded Her Universe and we were talking specifically about women and geekdom. I asked about the rise of girls in geek culture and she very accurately corrected me: There is no “rise” of geek girls. We’ve always been here. Girls are just as nerdy as dudes are. Ladies have always been interested in sci fi and fantasy and video games - we just don’t talk about it a lot because men are assholes. 

I hate that so many people and i can all relate to this

So fuckin TRUE

This shit speaks volumes about this generation.

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The whole show.



The whole show.